LEGO MOC Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Wilson Du

 Saw this LEGO creation by Wilson Du and got me excited as it is a fully articulated TMNT using LEGO parts!

Most of the Turtles parts can be done by the lego yoda set 75255 as that provide 3/4 of this build but though the parts are correct, the color may not be accurate. 

Here are the render of the four TMNT starting with Leonardo

Donatello like machines!

Raphel is cool but brute

Michaelangelo, the party dude!

Here is an actual built by Wilson which is Work in Progress.

Look at the size of one of the TMNT.

Wilson is considering to sell this instructions shortly. So watch this post as this will be updated.
Meanwhile see the whole set detail here


Unknown said…
I will totally buy instructions for this!

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